The more I learn, the less I know.

Michael Mondragon

I am on a mission to discover my true self and the grand plan God has for me.

  • I came from Philippines and moved to Denmark in 2016.
  • I code using C#, Golang, Java and Python during my free time.
  • I work as UNIX Operations Specialist in NNIT.
  • I am (re)learning Automation, Web Development, Blockchain, and ML.
  • I am also studying Danish (yep, it's quite hard).
  • I occasionally write articles in my blog too.
  • I dream of creating my own startup.
  • I do trading and investing.
  • I am a father of two awesome boys.
  • I love to travel and farming/gardening.
  • I read a lot of stuff especially horror/thriller and paranormal stories.

Services I offer

I do not have anything for now though, but I am open to volunteerism and my wife is seeking employment at the moment. She is willing and open to any positions that can be offered to her.

Keep in Touch

Michael @ KEYBASE.IO